Safety excellence

At The Crossing Group, the pursuit of occupational health and safety excellence goes beyond mere compliance. It is intrinsic in all we do, and embedded in our culture.

Safety Management System

The Crossing Company’s Safety Management System guides us toward operational excellence by describing practical solutions to executing work.

We believe it’s not only the “Safe Way” to do things; it’s the “Right Way” to do things. Through executing and continuously improving our system, we promote clear expectations, visible paths to worker advancement, contributions to real-world solutions at the point of action, consistent and predictable outcomes, and robust mitigations or safeguards.


We embody “Perform Safely” as a core value, and believe that safety is in the hands of the workers on the ground. We build the safety acumen of our field leadership by emphasizing a system of accountability and responsibility, where each individual contributes to — and executes — carefully developed processes and procedures. This shared understanding enables us to purposefully enact our values.

We firmly believe successful HS&E programs are not the product of a strictly top-down process, and involve more than simply getting “buy-in”. While it begins at the executive level, success requires leadership at all levels of an organization — with direct input from the onsite workers who have a greater stake in coming home safely at the end of the day. For this reason, our stringent safety policies are championed by our leadership with input from all employees.


Our safety program is guided by our obligation to ourselves, our coworkers, our clients, the communities where we work, the public, and everyone on our job sites. To meet this obligation, we are committed to:

Developing technical competence throughout our operations

Maintaining comprehensive safety policies across all divisions

Honing skills around safe work practices

Diligently exercising all safety procedures at all times

Empowering employees to be safety leaders

Understanding that effective safety is a process of continuous improvement


The Crossing Group’s industry-leading safety standards are based on proven best practices and consultation with outside industry experts. By consistently implementing our safety standards, we have achieved a Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Alberta and the Partnerships in Injury Reduction.

Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Alberta and the Partnerships in Injury Reduction


Several of our supervisory personnel have been trained to national standards in Occupational Health and Safety. Working alongside our leadership and safety professionals, these “Safety Champions” play a critical role in the successful integration of safety activities into operational functions.

While we have implemented many of the industry’s most stringent policies and procedures, we know there is always more work to be done. We are proud of the contributions and insights our people have made to get us to where we are today, and will continue to utilize our collective expertise to improve our systems for tomorrow.

It is the right approach. The responsible approach. And it is an approach that sets us apart among our peers.

“To me, safety means creating an environment where team members feel secure, supported and empowered to participate and contribute to our safety system.”

President & CEO The Crossing Company

"We need to continue to remind ourselves and our team that we all have a role to play within the safety management system and that if we all do our part as team members, our end goal of operational excellence can and will be achieved."

Jesse Funnell
Vice President Projects, The Crossing Company

“By embedding safety considerations into the fabric of our operations, we realize its significance alongside quality and production efficiency. This approach reflects a proactive commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our team while optimizing performance.”

Elliot Brown
Vice President Operations, The Tunneling Company

"Safe work practices and standard operating procedures are especially helpful because they show how good habits are applied specifically to tasks we do every day."

Shelton "Bubba" Carlisle
The Trenchless Company

"The benefits to having operational leaders implement the SMS is that they work alongside the crews daily and have full control on ensuring the processes are in place and can readily identify where additional mentoring or training may be needed."

Steve South
Operations Manager, The HDD Company

"Production and quality follows once a worker is engaged and working in a safe environment."

Blaine Trumbley
Operations Manager, The Tunneling Company