Based in California, The HDD Company is a leading supplier of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) services for the installation, replacement and rehabilitation of pipeline and utilities at vital crossings. We are known for our expertise in marine applications.



Serving the USA from our headquarters in Sacramento, California, The HDD Company has a proven track record for completing a wide array of horizontal directional drilling projects both as a sub-contractor and as a prime contractor. We own and operate an integrated fleet of heavy and light HDD rigs and tunneling equipment. The HDD Company is a trusted provider of horizontal directional drilling services for major utility and communication network installations, as well as oil and gas projects. We are regarded as leader in the specialized field of marine construction.

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The HDD Company is helping to lay the infrastructure that propels our communities forward. We have completed thousands of traditional horizontal directional drilling projects involving utilities and pipelines across the western United States, demonstrating a talent for problem solving in the face of any challenge.

With our proximity to the west coast, the HDD Company excels at shore approaches, harbor and marine work. Our San Francisco Bay utility installation is considered one of the most complex projects ever completed using horizontal directional drilling. In recent years, our HDD services have been used to install subsea intakes for desalination plants. In fact, HDD installations have become the preferred methodology for these installations due to the reduced impact on the marine environment.

  • Installations ranging in diameter from 51 mm to 1,524 mm (2 in to 60 in).
  • Ability to drill continuous lengths up to 2743 m (9,000 ft).

Light HDD Rigs | Light HDD rigs provide an economical trenchless solution over shorter distances. They require a smaller drill pad, so you can set up in confined spaces.

Heavy HDD Rigs | Heavy HDD Rigs can install product lines spanning distances up to 3 km (1.86 miles). Need to safely cross a highway and a water body in one shot? We can do that.


The HDD Company is part of the Crossing Group which offers a range of trenchless services. Visit our services page for detailed descriptions of our HDD methodologies.

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