Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is widely used for below-ground pipeline and utility installations that require a trenchless solution. It is a low disturbance approach for accurately and efficiently crossing roads, railways, rivers, bays and a variety of other obstacles with minimal environmental impact. HDD is used in situations that allow for an angled installation, and requires adequate space to set up a drill pad at the rig site.

The Crossing Company offers horizontal directional drilling services to construction, pipeline and utility clients throughout western and northern Canada. The HDD Company serves the U.S. market, and has extensive expertise in marine construction. Our combined expertise has been sought on numerous projects across North America.

Nearly two decades of operational knowledge has gone into developing our extensive North American rig fleet. Our safe, modern, well-maintained fleet is expertly operated by highly experienced crews with the expertise and training to work in all conditions and terrains.

Heavy and Light Rig Services

The Crossing Group’s HDD fleet of rigs fall into two categories: Heavy Rigs (over 82 tons) and Light Rigs (under 82 tons). Heavy rigs are robust and designed for longer crossings and larger diameter holes. Light rigs are nimble, and designed for shorter crossings in areas with confined access. We will recommend the rig best suited to your project.

HEAVY RIGS (82+ tons)

3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Max. Drilling Length
1.5 m (60 inch)
Max. Hole Diameter

Heavy HDD Rigs | Heavy HDD Rigs can install product lines spanning distances up to 3 km (1.86 miles). Need to safely cross a highway and a water body in one shot? We can do that.

LIGHT RIGS (< 82 tons)

50 m – 1,000 m (164 ft – 3,281 ft)
Drilling Length
914 mm (36 inch)
Max. Hole Diameter

Light HDD Rigs | Light HDD rigs provide an economical trenchless solution over shorter distances. They require a smaller drill pad, so you can set up in confined spaces.
HDD Intake Process
The HDD Company is changing the way we install subsea intakes for feed water desalination projects using low-impact horizontal directional drilling techniques.

Equipment Inventory

The Crossing Group’s modern fleet of horizontal directional drilling rigs, tunneling and augering units and hydrovac trucks allows us to serve clients throughout western and northern Canada, as well as California and the northern USA. We ensure are equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest operational and safety standards.

Whatever your challenge, let us recommend the trenchless solution that best meets your needs, budget and project parameters.

Heavy Rig Sample Layout

Light Rig Sample Layout

Rig Push/Pull (lbs) Rotary Torque (ft. lb) Location
TCC 1 180,000 30,000 Canada
TCC 2 220,000 30,000 Canada
TCC 3 500,000 50,000 Canada
TCC 4 330,000 40,000 Canada
TCC 5 220,000 30,000 Canada
TCC 6 660,000 100,000 Canada
TCC 8 440,000 50,000 Canada
TCC 9 880,000 100,000 Canada
TCC 10 625,000 90,000 Canada
TCC 11 1,200,000 100,000 Canada
LRD 101 80,000 10,000 U.S.A
LRD 102 80,000 10,000 Canada
LRD 103 80,000 10,000 Canada
LRD 104 80,000 10,000 Canada
LRD 105 100,000 14,000 Canada
LRD 106 180,000 24,000 Canada
LRD 108 100,000 14,000 Canada
LRD 109 100,000 14,000 Canada
LRD 112 100,000 12,000 Canada
LRD 113 36,000 5,000 Canada
LRD 114 36,000 5,000 Canada
LRD 115 36,000 5,000 Canada
LRD 116 100,000 12,000 Canada
LRD 117 18,000 2,200 Canada
LRD 118 242,000 30,200 Canada
LRD 119 330,000 37,500 Canada
ESSU 1 100,000 Canada
ESSU 2 100,000 Canada
HDD01 60,000 10,000 U.S.A
HDD02 330,000 40,000 U.S.A
HDD03 880,000 80,000 U.S.A

HDD in the Field

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