Utility Overview

A vast network of underground utility lines brings the services we could not live without to homes and businesses. Clean tap water is delivered through a series of pipelines, while sewage and runoff is returned through the cavernous storm water system. We can access the wonders of the internet, stream video and watch cable television thanks to a vast web of fiber optic and wire cable that spans the continent. Think cellular technology has eliminated the need for wires? Think again. Wires connect cellular towers to the grid. While electricity is largely transmitted through above-ground transmission towers and power lines, buried lines bring it to meters and into our homes.

Our Role

When utility providers are installing, repairing or updating new or existing utility services, they often require the trenchless construction services of The Crossing Group to complete small but critical parts of the project.

Our horizontal directional drilling, boring and auguring services help our clients install lines beneath busy and complex obstacles – such as roadways and river bodies. Using our hydrovac services division, we can safely expose existing utilities for the purpose of new installations or repairs. Whatever the requirement, we have the tools, the technologies and the team to get the job done. Safely. Economically. Efficiently.

The Crossing Group - Applications - Utility Lines - Fibre Optic Cables - Water and Sewer - Natural Gas - The Crossing Company - Hydrovac - HDD - Tunneling

The Right Solutions

Whether a project involves the installation of large-diameter, heavy duty pipe or the delicate touch needed when dealing with sensitive fiber lines, The Crossing Group will ensure your job is completed to the highest quality standards. Guided by your trenchless design blueprints and geotechnical investigation, we will ensure you receive the services you require, when you need them, within your budget parameters.

The Crossing Group - Applications - Utility Lines - Fibre Optic Cables - Water and Sewer - Natural Gas - The Crossing Company - Hydrovac - HDD - Tunneling


Catastrophic flooding in Calgary, Banff and Canmore in 2013 wiped out a bridge along a section of CP track in Banff National Park. This exposed a major drainage oversight. The challenge? How to install a massive 11’ diameter culvert in a shallow cover situation without impeding rail traffic?

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Delivering the Comforts & Necessities of Modern Living

Electricity. Heat. Hot water. Internet and TV. We take these modern luxuries for granted. They are only possible due to a vast infrastructure of cables, conduits and pipelines. The Crossing Group helps utility companies and municipalities across North America to install and upgrade these systems with minimal inconvenience to the public.