Pipeline Overview

North Americans rely heavily on the flow of natural gas and crude oil to provide the comforts and necessities of modern living. Natural gas heats our homes and is widely used to generate the electricity for residential, municipal, commercial and industrial use. It also fuels our vehicles and public transit systems. Oil is not only a fuel source and lubricant, it is the key ingredient behind the vast array of plastic products we use on a daily basis. It is all made possible thanks to the impressive network of pipelines that run across the continent.

Our Role

The Crossing Group plays an important role in helping producers and distributors to lay the network of pipeline required to safely transport these essential resources. From the wellhead to processing, storage and power generation facilities, then into homes and businesses from coast to coast.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully completed thousands of pipeline crossings throughout North America, and have a firm understanding of the industry and the unique challenges involved.

Our comprehensive offering of trenchless construction services allows pipeline companies to safely cross a variety of obstacles and terrains along the pipeline route — with minimal impact to the environment and negligible inconvenience to people. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rivers, streams, lakes, bays and other water bodies
  • Roadways, highways, rail systems and pathways
  • Buildings, facilities, infrastructure and parkland
  • Active pipeline and utility crossings
  • Hills, ridges and mountainous terrain
  • Beneath sensitive environmental areas

The Crossing Group - Pipeline - Horizontal Directional Drilling - HDD - Tunneling - Application - Trenchless Construction

The Right Solutions

From small-diameter, low-pressure gathering lines to large-diameter, highly pressurized transportation mainlines, The Crossing Group works with our clients to suggest the most practical trenchless solution(s) for the job. Working from your stamped trenchless design blueprints, geotechnical investigation findings and RFP (if applicable), we will determine your needs. We will also ask detailed questions concerning timelines, project budget, pipe diameter, project parameters, regulatory requirements, ground/ environmental conditions and a variety of other factors. This allows us to accurately cost and schedule the project, propose the right equipment and choose the right crew.

The Crossing Group - Pipeline - Horizontal Directional Drilling - HDD - Tunneling - Application - Trenchless Construction


This intricate horizontal directional drilling project demanded exceptional care and precision, as The Crossing Company was required to install four parallel 36 inch lines beneath 31 active lines at this busy terminal…

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Bringing Energy to Homes & Businesses

A mind boggling network of pipelines span the continent to deliver oil and gas products from the wellsite to processing facilities, then into homes and business. Compressor stations keep the product flowing, while regulating station control pipeline pressure. At many points along the route, the lines must cross natural and manmade obstacles: such as rivers, highways, railways, utilities… even other pipelines. The Crossing Group ensures these crossings are completed in a safe and efficient manner.