Marine Overview

Marine construction projects take place in environmentally sensitive ecosystems and often involve challenging terrains – complicated by the presence of water. The HDD Company specializes in marine construction involving desalination projects and the installation of fiber optic cable. Coastal communities with limited access freshwater are now using desalinated seawater for drinking water. This requires intake systems to deliver it to desalination plants – and return the concentrated saltwater back to the sea. The demand for bandwidth keeps growing. Companies such as Google and Facebook are upgrading infrastructure and are working to physically connect clients across all continents with faster, more reliable, higher capacity data. Hard wire fiber optic infrastructure remains the most dependable solution.

Our Role

The HDD Company, a Crossing Group company based in California, works with municipal governments and Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) firms to provide efficient shore approach solutions that minimize the impact on the aquatic environment. We believe any installation is possible with the proper planning, the right technique and an experienced crew that understands the unique demands around marine construction.

The Crossing Group - The HDD Company - Horizontal Directional Drilling - Marine - Offshore Application - Sacramento California

The Right Solutions

The HDD Company provides sustainable trenchless construction alternatives to conventional installation techniques. Our experience allows us to anticipate problems – and plan ahead – to mitigate logistical issues at the outset. This ensures construction proceeds on schedule and on-budget, while adhering to the most rigorous safety standards

The Crossing Group - The HDD Company - Horizontal Directional Drilling - Marine - Offshore Approach


The HDD Company was tasked with drilling 630 m (2,067 ft) under a bay to replace utility services connecting a postage-stamp sized island with the Oahu mainland. The challenge: the island was too small to contain drilling fluid…

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