Line Locating & Exposure

Line Locating & Exposure Overview

We have all seen the “Click Before You Dig,” campaigns that warn of the potential danger and cost of hitting buried gas, water or electrical lines. So how do companies, municipalities and contractors expose buried lines that require servicing, or need to be accurately located prior to installing new infrastructure?

The hydrovac process is a safe, quick and affordable trenchless alternative to conventional excavation for line locating and exposure. Specialized hydrovac trucks use highly pressurized water to dig a hole or trench, and suck up the resulting debris into a tank. Unlike backhoes, drills and trenchers, the water will not damage the buried pipe or utility lines. The process is extremely precise and minimally disruptive to the environment. Hydrovac trucks are equipped with a variety of excavating nozzles, which are selected according to the project requirements and ground type (be it pavement, clay or sandy soils). Watch our video to see how it works.

Our Role

The Crossing Group provides hydrovac services to clients throughout western Canada, through The Hydrovac Company. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled team operate a modern fleet of hydrovac trucks, to provide dependable line location and exposure in urban, industrial and remote settings. Following rigorous on-site safety standards, we can safely expose utilities and pipelines of all sizes – from delicate fiber optic lines to utilities and pipelines in crowded transportation corridors and industrial sites.

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The Right Solutions

We offer hydrovac services on a standalone basis or as a complement to our horizontal directional drilling services. Our experience and expertise will allow you to conduct construction or repairs with total confidence and minimal impact. The Hydrovac Company strictly adheres to all provincial guidelines around excavation and disposal.


EPCOR has granted The Hydrovac Company an annual contract to provide essential hydrovac services on its water and electrical projects in Edmonton. The fleet is utilized daily on projects throughout the city…

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The Hydrovac Company Ground Disturbance Code of Practice

The Hydrovac Company’s Ground Disturbance Code of Practice ensures the safest, most efficient and most consistent excavation possible. It outlines optimum water pressure and temperature according to ground materials, ground conditions and type of utilities that will be exposed.