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North Americans rely heavily on the flow of natural gas and crude oil to provide the comforts and necessities of modern living. Natural gas heats our homes and is widely used to generate the electricity for residential, municipal, commercial and industrial use. It also fuels our vehicles and public transit systems. Oil is not only a fuel source and lubricant, it is the key ingredient behind the vast array of plastic products we use on a daily basis. It is all made possible thanks to the impressive network of pipelines that run across the continent.

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The Crossing Group - Utility - Applications - Trenchless Construction - HDD, Hydrovac, Tunneling


A vast network of underground utility lines brings the services we could not live without to homes and businesses. Clean tap water is delivered through a series of pipelines, while sewage and runoff is returned through the cavernous storm water system. We can access the wonders of the internet, stream video and watch cable television thanks to a vast web of fiber optic and wire cable that spans the continent. Think cellular technology has eliminated the need for wires? Think again.

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The Crossing Group - Marine - Applications - Trenchless Construction - HDD, Hydrovac, Tunneling


Marine construction projects take place in environmentally sensitive ecosystems and often involve challenging terrains – complicated by the presence of water. The HDD Company specializes in marine construction involving desalination projects and the installation of fiber optic cable.

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We have all seen the “Click Before You Dig,” campaigns that warn of the potential danger and cost of hitting buried gas, water or electrical lines. So how do companies, municipalities and contractors expose buried lines that require servicing, or need to be accurately located prior to installing new infrastructure?

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